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Airmail has introduced a subscription model with the Airmail 4 update and the one-time purchase has been removed from the possible purchase plan. Previous users who already purchased the app can still use it with the Airmail themes without paying for the subscription if they don't want.

Airmail Pro is free for all users who purchased the Airmail 3 after 1st January 2019.

The cost for subscriptions model are-

$2.99 monthly, which offers a 3 days free trial
$9.99 annually, which renew annually.

Single subscription will sync to all the Apple devices using the same Apple ID and iCloud drive account on the devices. You do not have to purchase a subscription for each device separately.

How the subscription will sync between the devices?

You have to first make sure all these settings are enabled at your end on all the devices-

For Mac-

Open the System preferences > Apple ID > iCloud > iCloud drive > Option > Airmail.
Make sure you are logged in the App store correctly.
If you purchase the Pro on the Mac device, open the Airmail preferences on Mac > Airmail pro window.
Make sure the S1 and S2 present at the bottom of the Airmail Pro tab are true. if they are false, that means the subscription is not synced to the iCloud drive successfully and it will not sync to other devices.

For iOS-

Open the iOS settings > Apple ID > iCloud > Airmail > enable it.
If you are using the Mobile data on your iPhone, make sure the iCloud drive is enabled in the iOS settings > Mobile Data.

Restore Purchase
If you purchase the Airmail pro on Mac, then you can restore the purchase on the iOS devices or other MacOS devices to sync the subscription.

For iOS- Go to the Airmail settings > Go Pro > Restore purchase.

For MacOS- Go to the Airmail Preferences > Airmail pro > Restore purchase.

iCloud drive login is necessary to purchase the Pro subscription and syncing the subscription between the devices. Without it, the subscription will not sync.

Updated on: 08/25/2022

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