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Account Setup | Google in iOS

This article focusses on setting up a Google Account on Airmail.

Please follow these steps to add your Google or Google Apps account.

If starting a new setup of Airmail for iOS, please choose Google from the list

Alternatively, click on the Menu icon

Scroll down to the end of the menu and click on settings.
Now choose Add Account, which display to the screen above.

Type in your Gmail Credentials

Type your Gmail username and password.

If your Gmail credentials are saved in a password manager like 1Password, please click on the lock icon in the top right hand corner as marked by the blue square in the image above.

2a. Choose Password Manager

Select the password manager that contains the Gmail details.

Log into your password manager and choose the appropriate Gmail details.

Sign in

Now that your credentials are typed in, click on Sign in to proceed

Two-step verification

If your account has 2-step verification enabled, you will be prompted to enter the verification code obtained either by phone, sms or an authenticator app. Type code in and click on done.

Accept or Deny

For the Airmail app to work with your Gmail account, certain permissions need to be granted. Scroll down and click on allow. If you chose deny, the Gmail account won't work with Airmail.

Finishing Setup

Before finalising the Gmail setup, choose to allow Push Notification and if you would like to subscribe to our newsletter.

Finish by clicking on continue.

Updated on: 02/28/2019

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