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Account Setup | IMAP in iOS

IMAP is a generic protocol that is used by most email providers around the world. Make sure that the IMAP service is enabled before continuing.

To simplify the IMAP setup, Airmail app provides settings from some of the major providers.

Please follow these steps to add your IMAP Account.

If starting a new setup of Airmail, please choose IMAP Generic from the list

Alternatively, click on the Menu icon

Scroll down to the end of the menu and click on settings.
Now choose Add Account, which will display the screen above.

IMAP Provider

Please choose your IMAP provider, or if it is not on the list choose IMAP Generic. The list of providers are
listed below:

IMAP Credentials

Type in your IMAP credentials and click on add.

Detailed IMAP Credentials

If IMAP Generic was chosen, and not one of the email providers, you will have to type in more details of
your IMAP servers

Please make sure you have the correct settings as given to you by your email provider or system

The user is usually the full email address.

Make sure that you enter all the details for incoming and outgoing mail

It is only necessary to enter set SSL & Auth details, if you provider requires it.

Click on done to continue.

Your IMAP credentials will now be verified.

Complete Setup

Before finalising the IMAP setup, choose to allow Push Notification and if you would like to subscribe to our newsletter.

Finish by clicking on continue.

Updated on: 02/28/2019

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