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Custom Actions - Airmail for iPhone

You can define a sequence of multiple actions under a single Custom Action!
Airmail now offers 'Custom Actions' for iOS.

What are 'Custom Actions'?

'Custom Action' provides you the capability to define a sequence of Actions, which you use for certain
messages on a regular basis.

The newly created Custom Actions will be added to the 'Action List' along with the previous actions. This
way, you can simply choose to apply a Custom Action on a message as a simple action to save the
redundant workflows that you have to perform on a regular basis.

How to define a 'Custom Action'?

Go to Airmail Settings.

Then choose Custom Actions from the General section of the settings.

Then choose to create a new custom action

Then name the new custom action that will appear in the 'Action List', and proceed to 'Add Action'.

Now choose from the range of actions.

To add more actions, again tap on 'Add Action'. This way, you can choose all the actions that you want to
perform on a particular type of the messages that you receive.

Some actions like Snooze, Move to, Apply Label, Forward etc. need to be defined further.

Once you have created your custom action, you will find the action in the Action List as shown in the
picture below

A simple example of Custom Actions is 'Saved Replies/Canned Responses' which is explained in the
following examples.

How to forward using Custom Action?

You can define a custom action which forwards a message with all the pre-filled details of 'From'/ 'To' / 'CC'
/ 'BCC' / 'Signature' / 'Body' as shown in the screenshot below.

You can also use second action (like archive/trash etc.) to follow up after forwarding the message, for
example: 'forward and archive' or 'forward and move to folder'.

So, in this way you can easily set up something like "Forward your travel receipts to your secretary and file
them in the 'Receipts' folder." and then invoke this workflow with a single custom action.

How to set up a custom reply/saved reply/canned response?

You can set up saved replies as shown in the screenshot below.

You can also use another action to follow, for example - Send to Calendar if you need to create a calendar
event for the particular message.

How to save a .pdf file of an email, in a particular Dropbox folder using Custom Actions and

Workflow app?

The example explained below will save the pdf file of a selected email to the 'Receipts' folder of your
Dropbox account.

For this, you will require to create a new workflow in Workflow app. In the picture below, we have
created a sample workflow for you, named 'PDF Receipts'.

Now go to Airmail Settings > Custom Actions > Create and name the custom action (we have named it
"save pdf to receipts") and choose to 'Add Action' and select 'Send to Workflow'.

Then write the name of the workflow that you created in Workflow app in the RUN WORKFLOW field as
shown in the picture above. As in this case, we named the workflow 'PDF Receipts' in the Workflow app, so
we use the same here in Airmail custom actions.

From the given options under the INPUT section, enable 'Pdf' option only. For the OUTPUT section, choose
'None'. Leave the SEPARATOR section as it is, empty as shown in the picture below.

Now, the custom action to save the pdf file of the selected email to the Receipts folder of your Dropbox
account is created successfully. You can invoke this "save pdf to receipts" directly from your action list in

Result: This custom action will allow you to save the URL of the download of the pdf file in the Receipts
folder of your Dropbox account.

Updated on: 01/25/2019

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