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Integration - Day One - Airmail for iPhone

Airmail has introduced a new integration with the app 'Day One' and you can easily send messages to
'Day One' easily.

How to enable 'Day One' integration in Airmail?

Please make sure that you have the app Day One already installed on your device and then follow
the steps.

Go to Airmail Settings.
Choose 'Services' from the settings.
Scroll down to the bottom of the 'Services' list to find 'Day One'.
Turn the switch for 'Day One' green.

How to send a message to 'Day One'?

You can send any message to 'Day One' by pressing the three dots button while reading the message.
The button is available in the top right section of reading window.

You can also use the Action List by swiping the message in the message list itself. Please make sure
that the Action List is already in the 'Swipe Actions', in case you are not being able to see the 'Action List' option while swiping.

You can directly make 'Day One' an option in 'Swipe Actions' if you are going to use this
option frequently.

Updated on: 02/28/2019

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