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Interface | Composing Email

The Airmail Message composer is feature-rich and thus making it very versatile. This article will discuss all
the options extensively.

Create a new mail:

To create a new message, click on the new message icon
in the top right corner of the message list.

Choose Recipients:

The standard composer window, only shows the 'To:' field to choose a recipient. The CC and BCC fields are hidden. To reveal these field, tap the < (indicated with red rectangle above).

In any of the fields (To, CC, BCC,) start to type the name of the recipient.

As soon as you start to type a name, all matches will appear in a list. Tape to add a recipient. To add another start to type another name again and select the correct one.

Choose a different account or alias

To choose a different account or alias, tap the account name at the top of composer screen, as shown in
the image above.

All the accounts and aliases will be displayed and you can choose the address of choice.


The subject field is optional, but it is advised to type something.

Compose an Email

To compose a normal email, type the email in the body section of the composer window.

Composer toolbar

The composer has a full toolbar to customize the text, add attachments, photos and signatures. The image above shows the full toolbar, however the full toolbar is not visible due to the size of the iPhone screen. To access any of the options not visible, swipe to the right or the left.

The attachments, photos and signature icons are always available.

The toolbar icons are standard in most word processing application, and therefore all of the options won't
be discussed here.

App specific icons:

Colour Icon:

Tap this icon to change font type, size and colour.


To add attachments to your email, click on the attachments icon.

Choose any of the location where your documents are saved. Click on more to view other options to
retrieve documents from.

Once a storage location is chosen, it will take you to the appropriate app to select the file for attachment. If
the file is not saved locally on the iOS device, it will first download and then attach it to the email.
Depending on the size of the attachment and the speed of your internet connection, it might take a few

Remove an attachment:

Attachments are listed just below the Subject field. To remove an attachment, tap the

next to the attached file.


Tap on the photos icon to embed a photo in your email.

Choose the source of the photos: Photo Library or Camera

If adding a photo for the first time, allow Airmail access to the Photo Library or Camera which prompted.

Tap the photo to embed.
Choose the image size

Note that choosing small, medium or large as file size, the photo will be embedded in the email.

Choosing the Original Size, will attach the photo like a document.

Updated on: 02/28/2019

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