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Add an Office 365 Email Account - Airmail for macOS

How to add Office365 accounts as Exchange account.
An Office 365 (office365) account is the same as an Microsoft Exchange Account. To add an O365 account,
follow these steps

Go to "Add your email account" window and then choose Exchange.
Enter the details of your account in the window.
And then click on "Add" and the account will be added in Airmail.

If ask to enter Server info use the domain name in Server column.
For example, in above case you have to use as server field

If ask to enter the Endpoint URL of account, please use as URL for Office 365 account.

How to add Two-Step Authentication or MFA enabled Office365 account.

To add your Office365 account which is MFA enabled, the user has to generate an app specific password
from their webmail and then use that app password to add that account in the Airmail app.

To know how to generate an app password Click Here

Updated on: 04/05/2019

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