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Add New Account - Airmail for macOS

Airmail allows you to add multiple accounts simultaneously (which is the basic requirement of an email
client to come into existence!)

If you are using Airmail for the first time, it automatically takes you to the "Add you email account" window
which looks as below

If you already have added an account in Airmail and want to add more accounts, please go to:
"Airmail > Preferences > Accounts"
And you will find the above "Add your email account" window by selecting the following option

After successfully reaching "Add your account window", you can easily choose the service of which you
want to add an account in Airmail.

Supported Protocols

Exchange Web Services (Requires Exchange 2007 SP1+)

Detected Email Services

Office 365
Exchange Web Services (Autodiscover)
Local Accounts

Airmail supports importing your existing email data, whether in Apple Mailbox, EMLX, EML or MBox formats,
into a special local account. This account stays on your computer and doesn’t interact with any kind of
server. Local mailboxes are great for bringing over any of your current mail archives for use in Airmail, or to
create new ones.

Updated on: 01/11/2019

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