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Autoload Remote Images

This article describes how to enable autoloading of remote images or disabling the remote images
Airmail allows you to enable/disable autoloading of remote images.

To find the option, go to Airmail preferences > Appearance as shown in the picture below and then quit and relaunch Airmail to save the change.

When Autoload Remote Images is disabled -

You can choose to load images from individual senders in three different ways as shown in the picture below -

Once - This option will load the images only once and will not affect the next instance of opening the
messages from the same sender.

Always - This option will load the images always from the sender. This is the only option of the three which will affect the future instances of making the images appear in all the emails from the same sender.

Cancel - This option will not load the images from the sender for the instance.

I have accidentally chosen to 'Always' load images from a sender, how to revert this action?

Go to Show Airmail Data as shown in the picture below -

This will take you to the Finder where all the Airmail data is placed and open folder General > Addresses
and open the file LoadImages.plist

The file when opened will contain the entries for all the senders that have been allowed to 'Always' load the images as the example below -


Now, delete the entry that you do not want Airmail to 'Always' load the images. Quit and relaunch the app
to apply the changes.

Please note that each entry starts with <key> and ends with <true/>

Please contact support if you encounter any difficulties and we will be glad to help you out.

Updated on: 01/20/2019

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