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Cardhop Integration

Cardhop is a contact app which allows you to create and sync the contacts with Airmail app. You can link this app on the Airmail easily under the Airmail Services tab.

How to enable the Cardhop integration?

Open Airmail preferences and go to Services tab to enable the Cardhop integration.

How to Sync contacts from Cardhop app into the Airmail?

For Syncing the contacts from the Cardhop app you have to sync the contacts under the Airmail preferences manually. Please refer to the screen shot below to sync the contacts.

After clicking on the "Sync Contacts", all the contacts from the Cardhop will be sync into the Airmail.

How to create contacts in Cardhop through Airmail?

You can add any sender from the Airmail into the Cardhop through the Context Menu to create contact in Cardhop, please refer to the screenshot below:

When you click on "Send to Cardhop", you will see Pop up from Cardhop app to add this sender as contact.

Updated on: 01/13/2019

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