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Customise View - Airmail for macOS

Airmail gives you 'Customized View' option in which you can show/hide the components of Airmail window
to suit your need. In the following picture, the components are explained as

Account List/Panel
Folder List/Panel
Message List/Panel
Message Preview Panel / Message Detail

You can toggle these panels ON/OFF using the three options, as shown in the picture below. Please note
that you can not turn off/hide the 'Message List/Panel'.

Message Preview Pane / Message Detail

With Airmail you can read your mails in two ways. The first view by default is expanded view which is
located in the right side of the message list and the second view option is a separate window which
popups when you clicked on any of messages in the Message List.

In the following screenshot there are samples and instructions to change the way you can read your mails
in or without the ‘preview pane’

The default view of an email is in ‘preview pane’ as shown in the picture above with the #4 panel enabled.

In the picture above the selected email is shown in adjacent preview pane.

The preview pane can be disabled by using the shortcut, ‘CMD+Left Arrow’ and can be enabled again
using ‘CMD+Right Arrow’. Please note that to apply these shortcuts, a message should be selected from
the message list/panel.

Another view of an email is in a separate window which can be viewed by double clicking or pressing
‘CMD+O’ or simply 'O' on a particular message as indicated below.

An email can be opened in a separate window by the same method, irrespective of whether the preview
pane is enabled or disabled.

Folder List/Panel

You can easily hide/show the folder panel in Airmail. If the Folder panel is hidden, you will see Airmail as
shown in the following picture.

Account List/Panel

If the Airmail window has Account List/Panel and Message Preview Panel hidden, it will appear as in the
picture below.

Updated on: 01/11/2019

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