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How to Use 2Do with Airmail

2Do is a popular Mac task manager with which Airmail integrates to provide you the powerful feature of making 2Do entries for your messages. 2Do is purchasable in the Mac App Store and the iOS App Store and syncs between the two platforms.

How to enable 2Do in Airmail?

Go to Airmail Preferences > Services and enable 2Do there.

How to send a message to 2Do?

To use Airmail with 2Do, simply right-click on any email in your inbox, or right click on any message body and click on the Send to will present the following contextual menu.

Select “Create 2Do Task” and 2Do will open on your Mac, with the subject of the email already pre-filled and highlighted in case you want to change the subject title.

If Airmail is open, clicking on the local URL will open Airmail and select the message associated with the task. If Airmail is closed, clicking on the URL will only open Airmail, but clicking on the local URL a second time will select the message associated with the task.

Updated on: 01/10/2019

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