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iCloud Sync - Airmail for macOS

This article is about enabling the iCloud preferences sync and saving the account settings on the iCloud drive.
Syncing your account settings with iCloud is the best way to keep your account settings safe. To enable this feature, please follow these simple steps

Open Airmail App
Open Airmail Preferences (⌘,)
Select the General Tab

There are 2 options that relate to iCloud syncing:

iCloud Sync - Enables the syncing of email account settings to iCloud.

iCloud Preferences Sync - Enables the syncing of your preferences within the app. This is useful to transferring preferences to another Mac.

Now it is important to check that your individual accounts are set to sync to iCloud.

Set individual accounts to sync with iCloud

Accounts that are already setup to sync with iCloud have the iCloud icon next to it in the Accounts list. To enable or disable iCloud syncing for a specific account, follow these steps.

Open Airmail App
Open Airmail Preferences (⌘,)
Under the Accounts tab, look for the accounts that don’t have the iCloud icon next to it.

Click on the settings icon next to the account that you wish to edit.
Select/tick the "Save Settings on iCloud" checkbox and click save. (If you wish to disable iCloud syncing for the account, deselect it)

You will now see an iCloud icon has appeared next to the account in the Accounts list. Please note that you will also have to go to system preferences > iCloud > iCloud drive and enable Airmail.

This means that your accounts and preferences for Airmail are saved on the iCloud drive.

Updated on: 01/11/2019

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