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Inline Images - Composer - Airmail for macOS

Inline attaching images allows you and the receiver to view the images without having to open them in an
external program, such as Preview.

Open an email and enter the subject, destination and message. Find the image(s) you’d like to attach
to the email in Finder or another app (e.g. your web browser).

Then drag and drop the image above the horizontal line which displays in the bottom section of the
composer as shown in the picture below:

Drag the image from Finder or the other app in to the message area. You should see a green and
white ’+’ icon appear, let go when you see this. Repeat this for each image you’d like to attach. You can then send an email.

You can also choose different image sizes as shown in the picture below.

Updated on: 02/28/2019

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