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Preferences - Actions - Airmail for macOS

You can set Airmail with customized actions to improve the workflow of Airmail as per your choices.
Airmail has a new ‘Actions’ tab in Airmail Preferences. ‘Actions’ allow you to customize your actions and
their order as per your liking. You can also enable the gmail shortcuts from selecting the option for ‘Gmail
Shortcuts’. Please refer to this link for Gmail shortcuts

You can now customize the swipe actions for the left and the right swipe. In addition, you can customize a
few of the keyboard actions too and also, record the shortcuts for ‘new message’ and ‘show app’ actions as
shown in the picture below

Where are the menu buttons located?

What the shortcut for Show App means?

This shortcut can be used when you are working on other apps and want to switch to Airmail with a
keyboard shortcut of your choice - in a flash!

Updated on: 08/25/2022

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