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Quick Filter Menu - Airmail for macOS

This article explains all the quick filters that are available in Airmail to improve the filtering - improving the workflow and the ease to use Airmail.
Airmail has a "Quick Filter Menu" which is located just above the messages list.

This menu allows the section of multiple filters.

Enable the Filter Menu

If the menu is not visible, it can be enabled on by clicking on the View menu and select "Show Filters". The
keyboard shortcut to enable or disable the menu is ⌃⌥F (control + option + F)

Quick Filter Menu Options

Let’s discuss each option (from left to right in the quick filter bar) briefly as well as learn the keyboard

Show Unread Messages (1)

This option displays the unread messages only and hides all read messages. The keyboard shortcut is 1.

Show Starred Messages (2)

It only shows messages that have been starred or flagged. The keyboard shortcut is 2.

Show Messages with Attachments (3)

It only shows messages that have attachments. The keyboard shortcut is 3.

Show Conversation (4)

It only shows Conversations. Conversations are email messages that are grouped under the same subject.
Keyboard shortcut is 4.

Please note that conversation can be enable or disabled in Airmail Preferences > Appearance > Use conversations.

Filter by Date

This option allows users to filter messages according to a specific date. Clicking on the icon reveals a
calendar. Click on a date to filter messages by and click apply. To choose a date range, hold the shift key
and select each date you would like to filter messages by.

There is no keyboard shortcut for this option as a date or date range needs to be selected.

Sort (5,6,7,8,9)

Sorting your messages is easy with this Sort menu. Click on Sort to to view the options.

By default, the messages are sorted according to date in descending order. Messages can be sorted by
any of the options above.

Simply click on the the desired sorting option and choose whether it should be sorted in ascending or
descending order.

Once a Sort filter has been selected, the selection will be confirmed by a banner at the bottom of the

To disable the filter, click on the X

There are multiple shortcut keys associated with the sort menu:
Shortcut 5: Sorts according to Sender Name in Descending Order

Shortcut 6: Sorts according to Subject in Descending Order

Shortcut 7: Sorts according to Replied in Descending Order

Shortcut 8: Sorts according to Unread Messages in Descending Order

Shortcut 9: Sorts according to Date in Descending Order

Show all messages of this sender

Use this filter on a selected message from the message list to show all the messages from the same sender.

Filter Combinations

All the above filters can be used together in any combination. Simply select the filters you want to use or
use the shortcut keys. Once a filter is selected, you will see the icon turn to blue.

Please do contact us if you have any queries and we will respond to you as fast as we can.

Updated on: 01/28/2019

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