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Safe Mode - Airmail for macOS

As of Airmail you have a feature called “Safe Mode”. This feature allows you to run Airmail in Safe Boot
without restarting your computer and Airmail will disable entire accounts in order to launch in Safe Mode. If
you notice that Airmail is crashing upon launch this feature allows you to bypass the crashing and after
bypassing the crashing issue, you can able to disable certain options or provide us crash logs.

In the following tutorial below we show you how to run Airmail in Safe Boot:

At the beginning of launching the Airmail you need to quit Airmail and then launch it again by pressing the
key Shift + Airmail icon to get the window as shown above in the picture.

Press on “Safe Mode” once its presses Airmail will be forced to disable all active accounts and few of other
things from running. When you run into Safe Mode you can possibly track the issue by enabling or
disabling the options that are causing the crash. If you wanted to resume Airmail normally you’ll need to
relaunch Airmail again which will resume and activate your accounts back.

If the Airmail is crashing frequently we encourage you not to enable any of the accounts in Safe Mode it
could get crashed again more often, However if you’re in Safe Mode you will need to enable few of your
accounts and see if they’re crashing again, If not you can definitely enable the rest of other accounts. You’ll
need to contact us for further assistance for fixing the issue since because some of crashing issue may be
differ to Airmail or System we might need to make change for compatibility your report is highly
appreciated which will help us to improve Airmail for the current OS X.

Updated on: 01/12/2019

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