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Save Sent Mail - Airmail for macOS

What if you are getting duplicate copy of emails in sent folder?
The 'Save Sent Mail in the Sent Folder' function is designed to create extra copies of your sent message. But this does not mean that the mails are sent twice to the receiver and this function only creates extra copy and stores them on the server 'Sent Folder', in case the server refuses to store your sent mail in the folder.

How can I disable the function of creating duplicate copies?

If you are getting duplicate copies of each email replied or new email composed please disable the "Save sent mail in sent folder" option.
This is a per account preference and you can enable/disable the function from Airmail Preferences > Accounts > [Select the account] > Mapping as shown in the below screenshot:

When you have disabled this option you’ll no longer have the duplicated sent messages in your sent box with new emails sent.

Updated on: 01/11/2019

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