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Send Later - Airmail for macOS

This feature allows you to schedule messages to send automatically at the chosen/scheduled time. The feature is supported for all types of accounts in the Airmail 4.

Please note that Airmail sends the scheduled messages even if the app is not running.

To schedule a message at a later time please follow these steps.

Open up the ‘Composer’ (New Message) window and compose the message that you want to send at
a later point of time.
Set the point of time at which you want to send the message automatically and choose ‘Schedule’ as
shown in the picture below!

You can retrieve the scheduled messages in the ‘Send Later’ folder which is available in the Folder Panel
on Airmail Sidebar. If you are not seeing the send later folder you will have to select the ‘Send Later’ from
Airmail Preferences > Favourites. Please see the picture below:

Updated on: 07/09/2020

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