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Send mail to a Contact Group (Distribution Group) - Airmail for macOS

Airmail makes sending mail to a contact group very simple. These groups can either be in your Apple
Contacts App or your Google Contacts.

Let’s get started.

Create Contact Group

To use a contact group, you will first need to create a group with contacts in either your Apple Contacts App or with Google Contacts.

Sync Contact Group with Airmail App

It is important to note that Airmail syncs contacts from Google and the Apple Contacts app upon opening
the Airmail. Therefore quit Airmail and start it up again each time you make changes in contacts in either of
the source, to sync them with Airmail.

Alternatively you can force a contact sync.

Go to Airmail Preferences > Advanced.
Choose Sync Contacts

This will update all changes that you made to contacts (on Gmail contacts or Apple Contacts) to sync with

Send mail to a Contact Group

Create a new mail by clicking on the ‘New Message’ icon.
In the Recipient Line "To:", start typing the name of the contact group. In this example the contact group
name is ‘Airmail App Demo’

Contact groups are shown in BOLD and in brackets () is the number of contacts in that group.
Click on the contact group to select it.
To view the contacts in the group, simply click on selected group and click explode.

Please note that email providers limit the number of recipients a email message can have. Make sure about
the limit from your provider. For example Gmail allows a maximum of 99 recipients per message.

Updated on: 01/20/2019

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