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ToDo, Done, Memo - Airmail for macOS

Airmail has special features that are similar to task management but more simple, to keep your emails on
track without losing them in long inboxes while receiving lots of mails. Generally, Airmail will create these
folders ion the Account server interface by default upon setting up the account.

How it works?

Basically Airmail will create you those folders by default while you’re setting up the account with Airmail
and it is a default feature of Airmail. However, you will see these folders in your server folder list, but will
not interfere with the running of other folders/data.

Memo — It is used to memorise some particular mails that someone sent you and you want them in the
memo i.e Important details, Server login details and more.

To Do — A to do feature enables you to do some of your important work, for example, if your co-worker or
spouse sent you an email that you’ve got to do the task or buy things.

Done — A task management with “Done” option is for a task that you have successfully completed.

Please select any message and right click to get the options:

The messages can be easily accessed from side bar:

Updated on: 02/06/2019

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