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Troubleshooting Connection Issues - Airmail for macOS

There are many factors that can influence your internet connection that can cause problems with with
Airmail operation.

Some of these factors include:

A VPN Connection
A Proxy Server
Internet Security Software
Slow/Faulty Internet Connection
Temporary issues with hosting company

It is important to note that any software or connection that controls or attempts to control on your Internet
connection, can affect Airmail’s ability to connect to your mail server.

Airmail App will warn if it is not able to make a stable connection with the following warning: “Stable
connection could not be established”. This could be a temporary connection issue, or configuration issues
outside the control of Airmail.

VPN & Proxy Server can be faulty due to wrong configurations, slow servers or no connection to the
remote server.
Internet Security/Anti-Virus software can block ports that are needed to connect to mail servers.
Firewalls, if not properly configured, can easily block internet connections

Due to the design of Apple software, Airmail, like others, run in a virtual space (Sandbox) and cannot
interact with certain services. Software like Bartender, which doesn’t work on these principles, can easily
affect the Airmail’s ability to function properly.

SIMBL, is a program that helps third-party developers to modify and add functionality to applications
developed with the Cocoa environment without access to the source code. It is known to cause some
serious connection issues every now and then. Make sure, if any program needs SIMBL, otherwise uninstall
it and see if that fixed your internet connection.

Troubleshooting connection issues can be very difficult. Airmail App has two tools to use to look for
connection problems. You can find them as shown in the picture below

Activity Window

The Activity window allows you to see which activity is taking place and if accounts are connected or not.

Click on Window Menu in the Menu Bar and Select Activity.

Operations Window

The Operations window shows a list of actions that are either in progress or have been completed. Actions
can also be reverted here.

Updated on: 01/12/2019

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