Airmail now gives you the ability to mark the desired contacts as VIPs and you can find all the received
messages from a VIP contacts at one place by a simple click on the Folder Panel present in Airmail Sidebar.
VIPs are synced over iCloud with other devices(for example with Airmail on iPhone/iPad). Please follow the
picture below.

You can see all the messages that you received from a VIP contact ion one place by selecting the VIP >
Contact as shown in the picture below.

You can also set the VIP ONLY notifications for a particular account. To accomplish this, follow Airmail
Preferences > Accounts > More as shown in the picture. Please note that this an account specific
preference, so you are required to set for each account separately.

How to make a contact VIP?

Please see the screenshot below to find how to make the contacts VIP.

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