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Reminders - Airmail for macOS

In Airmail it’s easy to create a reminder that syncs to Apple Reminders so you’ll have the reminder on your
Mac and iOS devices. There are following methods for creating a reminder.

Just right-click on any message in your inbox and you’ll see the dropdown menu - OR - Just right click any .
message in Airmail message list and choose 'Send to' - OR- Just select a message and use the
shortcut key 'Z'.

Select “Create Reminder” and a reminder for the message will be automatically created in Reminders.

Clicking on the local URL in the reminder will open Airmail and select the message associated with the task.

'Reminders' is not accessible?

This can be due to the fact that you must have not allowed Airmail to use Reminders. To enable this, please
go to System Preferences > Security and Privacy and allow Airmail to use the Reminders App. Please refer
to the picture below.

Updated on: 02/28/2019

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