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Snooze - Airmail for macOS

A snooze feature allows you to snooze an email, which means it will disappear from your inbox temporarily,
but return at the time you have chosen. It is a great tool to declutter your inbox without forgetting to answer
those important emails.

How to set default values for different snooze options?

Open Airmail Preferences (⌘,)
Click on the Snoozes Tab which is as below

Choose you default snooze preference for each of the options.

How to snooze a message?

To use the snooze feature, right click on any email in the inbox (tap with two fingers or ctrl + click). OR Just press the "D" shortcut key for snooze.
Choose Snooze from the popup menu:

Choose an option from the snooze menu shown below

Each of the options above will use the default settings set in preferences, which is explained above. To choose a specific date, click on the Pick Date menu. Choose date and click on set snooze date.
Your message will now be moved to the snooze folder, only to return on the time or date selected.

Where are the Snoozed emails located?

Once an email has been snoozed, it is moved to the Snooze folder/label that Airmail App created. The .
snooze folder is located in the sidebar. If it is not present on the sidebar, please include it from
"Preferences > Favorites".

As shown in the picture above,

Snoozed messages bear an orange dot (snooze indicator) in the message list.
Each messages show the time in which the snoozed messages will return to the Inbox.

What does "set aside" for snooze mean?

"Set Aside" snooze allows you to snooze a message for indefinite and it will remain in the snooze folder
until you manually fetch it back from the snooze folder.

Updated on: 02/06/2019

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